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monitorDrugStore Best Buys with Pharmacy Shark Patrol (PSP) has researched, evaluated and commented on the performance of the Online Pharmacy Industry since 2002. Due to changes in the industry and pressure from "Legit" sources we are no longer able to continue our service.

DrugstoreBestBuys has exposed internet pharmacy sharks through our detailed pharmacy reviews and evaluations. DrugstoreBestBuy had a growing network of supporters that provide rapid feedback through the online pharmacy industry.

Closing us down will make buying online more risky as we can no longer provide the monitoring service.

If you have relied on the monitoring and reporting service of Drugstore Best Buys for safe reliable affordable medicines we now refer you to RxRights.org. It seems "Big Pharma" continue to try and restrict information access that would actually help. So please beware of the scams and illegitimate sites that will now benefit from such action.

Pharmacy Shark Patrol worked hard since 2001 to maintain a service that rated and monitored the best suppliers around the world. The service enabled many to safely afford their medications and your appreciation has been very rewarding. Please consider taking action to ensure your right to safe and affordable prescription drugs.

Pharmacy Shark Patrol is sad to see the demise of our service that was valued by so many. These restriction are only going to aid the scammers and the wealthy. For those people who struggle to afford their medication you will need to be even more careful.

DrugStore Best Buys with Pharmacy Shark Patrol (PSP) has previously provided price comparison tables and pharmacy monitoring and ratings for:

ED medications: Viagra, Cialis Levitra and their generic alternatives sildenafil citrate, tadalafil, vardenafil.
Other ED treatments, Ffst tabs, soft tabs, cialis daily, cialis professional, uprima, staxyn, dapoxetine.

Weight loss before they were shown to be too dangerous,: phentermine, meridia, didrex, xenical, acomplia.

Antibiotics: amoxil, ampicillin, bactrim, flagyl, zithromax

Hair Loss Prevention: avodart, propecia.

We also monitored and rated a frequently changing array of online pharmacies. The lists are still available but due to pressure we have had to remove all links.

We are no longer monitoring the performance of these online pharmacies so we can no longer recommend their service.



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