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Your Money Saving Tips for Buying Viagra ® Online

Very important points to help save you time and money buying Viagra® (and other prescription medications) online-

happyBuying 100mg Viagra® pills will give you the lowest price per dose. Either a 25mg or a 50mg Viagra® pill can be almost the same price as a 100mg pill.

Split 100mg pills in half or quarter and you get four 25mg doses or two 50mg doses for under half the price of buying either a 25mg or 50mg pill.

If you prefer a 25mg or 50mg Viagra pill, then the following pharmacies offer the best options for 50mg tablets:

You can save money by purchasing larger quantities. 
The larger the quantity of Viagra you purchase, the cheaper the unit cost becomes. Buy less often, but increase the size of your order to get the cheapest viagra. Best value buys are from 90 pill bulk purchases at wholesale discount rates. Bulk Buys - Storage life of Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) is 4 years.

Check Viagra refill prices when choosing your preferred pharmacy. Some pharmacies discount the cost of the first purchase and then charge higher rates for refill purchases. If you want to regularly order Viagra®, save money by considering how much you will save in future refills.

Please buy only from Suppliers that provide secure facilities for Credit Card transactions.
Make sure the site uses Secure Servers and the latest encryption technology to protect your Credit Card details.

Buy in advance.
If you do not mind having a slower form of delivery, rather than next day, you can reduce mail costs by up to 30%.

Be aware of Pharmacy Location.
If you are in USa selacting a supplier located in USA will provide fastest and most reliable service. However many suppliers located outside USA can offer great savings and reliable delivery - just allow a little longer.

Consider Generic Products.
Savings of up to 60% can be made by choosing to buy generic versions. However always check the reliability of product and supplier.





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